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About Chicagoland

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The superlatives used to describe Chicagoland – which includes the six northeast counties of the State of Illinois, and stretches from the states of Wisconsin to Indiana – are, at first glance, almost too grandiose to believe:

  • Anchored by Chicago, the third largest City in the United States
  • As big as a country, with 9.5 million people, 4.5 million jobs and a $500 billion economy
  • The economic center of the world, linking the markets of Europe and Asia, and North and South America
  • A truly international, culturally-diverse workforce that encompasses over 132 language groups
  • A globally-diversified economy, including 160 company headquarters, 30 Fortune 500 company headquarters, 12 Fortune Global 500 and 10 Financial Times Global 500 companies
  • The world’s transportation crossroads, including a non-stop global gateway to 65 international and 149 U.S. business centers, and the largest intermodal-container capacity in the Western Hemisphere
  • A global telecommunications hub built around one of the world’s most advanced telecommunications infrastructures.


While these superlatives help tell the story of an economic powerhouse that offers you the market access, diversity and resources you’ll need to build and grow a successful business, there are three other facts about Chicagoland that will also impress you about this “great American city.”

First, Chicago is an affordable, comfortable, approachable “city of neighborhoods,” and is considered the only truly affordable cosmopolitan metropolis.

Second, the city is experiencing a renaissance that is the envy of every formerly industrial city in the U.S. In place of an over-reliance on factory and trans-shipment jobs, the city has increased the number of professional and service-sector jobs it offers. And the city and its surrounding communities have flourished: the “greening” of the city, the addition of new parks and cultural venues, strong interest in historic and architectural preservation, and an explosion in the number of people wanting to live downtown has sparked a boom in development and construction.

Third, Chicagoland is blessed with outstanding natural and entertainment attractions, including 80 miles of public shoreline along Lake Michigan; outstanding public, private and parochial schools; several of the world’s finest colleges and universities – including leading post-graduate schools; extensive public transportation that serves most corners of the region 24/7; and some of the nation’s best known tourism attractions – including a world-class cultural and culinary scene.

Chicagoland is truly a smart place to locate and grow a business. It’s also an exciting place to visit, build a career and live.

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