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Innovation Index

The Illinois Innovation Index is a new information resource that provides analysis and insights on business development and economic activity in our state.

The purpose of the Innovation Index is to engage and educate a broad community of businesses, investors, researchers, policymakers, and educators through the analysis, benchmarking, and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurial activity metrics throughout Chicago and Illinois. The Innovation Index is a highly visual tool that will provide immediate perspective on regional economic conditions and an ongoing data archive for public use.

Each month, the index will feature related innovation metrics along with news and statistical insights. These metrics will eventually be aggregated into a comprehensive Illinois Innovation Index report on a periodic basis. Upcoming topics include:

  • Venture capital
  • Illinois Entrepreneurial Survey results
  • Employment and output by cluster
  • Research and development
  • New business starts 


February 2015 Issue | This issue examines Illinois academic R&D expenditures and their record levels

2014 Q4 Issue | This issue examines how Illinois universities spur innovation through technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

October 2014 Issue | This issue examines Illinois’ industry-funded R&D as key strengths and opportunities

Q3 2014 Issue | This issue examines Illinois’ share of high-tech businesses that are among the nation’s top states

July 2014 Issue | This issue examines substantial growth in residential broadband connection in Illinois and Chicago.

June 2014 Issue | This issue examines STEM attainment in Illinois and talent migration trends in Chicago.

May 2014 Issue | This issue, prepared by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, examines how online job postings offer insight into the Illinois and Chicago labor markets.

April 2014 Issue | This issue examines employment in Illinois’ computer services–related industries.

March 2014 Issue | This issue examines R&D expenditures by Illinois universities.

February 2014 Issue | This issue examines the role of universities in driving new business starts.

January 2014 Issue | This issue examines the technology transfer process in Illinois.

November 2013 Issue | This issue examines federal funding for small business innovation that is on the upswing in Illinois.

October 2013 Issue | This issue examines the connection between industry R&D, higher-education institutions, and the state’s innovation-intensive sectors.

August 2013 Issue | This issue examines how export values in Chicago and State of Illinois hit record high in 2012.

July 2013 Issue | This issue examines the concept of clusters—the concentration of related companies, organizations, and institutions in a particular field or industry.

2013 Quarter 2 Report | This quarterly edition of the Illinois Innovation Index explores the role of talent in innovation by examining recent trends in the attainment of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) degrees in Illinois.

April 2013 Issue | This issue examines occupations in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields that are among the most integral to innovation.

2013 Quarter 1 Report | This quarterly edition of the Illinois Innovation Index provides recent data and analysis on academic R&D, venture capital investment, small business loans, and broadband business connections.

February 2013 Issue | This issue examines the rise in loans to Illinois small businesses.

January 2013 Issue | This issue examines how broadband businesses connections and total coverage in Illinois continue to climb.

Illinois Innovation Index 1st Annual Report | Unique Monthly Barometer Shows Chicago Region, Illinois Building Climate of Inventiveness

August 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines how technology transfer accelerates research activity at Illinois universities.

July 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines the use of online job postings to track Chicago’s labor supply and demand.

June 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines driving innovation in Illinois by increasing STEM attainment.

May 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines how broadband deployment supports innovation in Illinois.

April 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines Illinois' exports industry in comparison with other regions and markets.

March 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines patent output as one of the leading indicators of innovation. Illinois has consistently ranked among the top ten states for patent output.

February 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines Illinois’ strengths in private R&D spending and its role in bringing promising ideas from concept to market.

January 2012 Newsletter | This issue examines Illinois momentum in new business establishments and high-growth sectors.

December 2011 Newsletter | This issue examines how R&D funding for Illinois universities and research institutions drives innovation.

November 2011 Newsletter | This issue examines how national cluster mapping reveals Illinois´ economic strengths as well as opportunities.

October 2011 Newsletter | This issue examines the Illinois Entrepreneurial Survey which revealed a sense of optimism among Chicago's emerging innovation ecosystem.

September 2011 Newsletter | This issue examines venture capital and how it has been flowing into Illinois at record levels.

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