Chime in with the Chamber | Employco: New Employee Onboarding

06/11/2019 12:00 PM
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, 410 North Michigan Avenue Suite 900, Chicago, Illinois, 60611

Chime in with the Chamber is a speaking platform for members of the Chicagoland Chamber to share insights and in-depth expertise about an important aspect of business, or life. It’s also a chance for business leaders to hear thought leadership and the most up-to-date information and trends in an area of interest. The setting is casual. The networking can lead to new ideas, friends, and clients!

Employco: Effective New Employee Onboarding
The term “onboarding” is often tossed around in the business world, but not everyone knows what it is or how to do it. In basic terms, onboarding is the process of getting new hires acclimated to their new roles. Effective new employee onboarding takes training and orientation to the next level. Unlike traditional employee orientation, onboarding is a systematic process that extends well beyond the first day of employment. The goal of the process is to cultivate a long-term productive relationship between the employer and the employee while fostering a feeling of belonging and of making the right career choice.

Thank you to our event partners Employco and Specialty's Cafe & Bakery.

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