The Daniel H. Burnham Award for Distinguished Leadership was created by the Board of Directors of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce in 1992 to pay tribute to a prominent business leader who works tirelessly to advance the Chicagoland business climate while making significant civic contributions that make Chicago a world-class place to live and work.

Our previous Burnham Award Honorees have taught the Chicago region and the world how great business leaders can simultaneously be great societal leaders. They are the dreamers, architects and masons of a community ever being built taller, smarter, stronger and more inclusive. What this process looks like is ever-evolving yet the spirit of the Award remains constant. Each honoree is a force both for business and the betterment our community. And like Daniel Burnham himself, they shall “Make no little plans.” 

The 2019, and 28th, recipient of the Daniel H. Burnham Award for Distinguished Leadership is Larry Richman, Chair, U.S. Region, CIBC.

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Past Burnham Honorees:

  • Chris Crain (2018)
  • Ilene S. Gordon (2017)
  • W. James McNerney (2016)
  • Frederick H. Waddell (2015)
  • Alejandro Silva (2014)
  • Greg Brown (2013)
  • Ellen M. Costello (2012)
  • John W. Rogers, Jr. (2011)
  • Glenn F. Tilton (2010)
  • John A. Canning, Jr. (2009)
  • John W. Rowe (2008)
  • Norman R. Bobins (2007)
  • W. James Farrell (2006)
  • Miles D. White (2005)
  • Deborah L. DeHaas (2004)
  • William A. Osborn (2003)
  • Alan G. McNally (2002)
  • Ronald J. Gidwitz (2001)
  • Andrew J. McKenna (2000) 
  • Edgar D. Jannotta (1999)
  • Lester Crown (1998)
  • John H. Bryan (1997)
  • Patrick G. Ryan (1996)
  • Arnold R. Weber (1995)
  • James J. O’Connor (1994)
  • Richard L. Thomas (1993)
  • Frank W. Considine (1992)